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Cupcakke Explains Why The Discounts Remix Is Not Happening

Tonight Cupcakke went on IG Live to explain WHERE THE HELL IS THE DISCOUNTS REMIX! Fans have been bombarding her Twitter timeline ever since it was hinted that some of our fave rappers may hop the track after she made HERstory by being the first Black independent female rapper to go #1 on iTunes.

Well, it looks like the remix is not happening, and it is not from lack of trying on Cupcakke's part. She

actually reached out to rap Queen Nicki Minaj, but we all know that she is waiting to give birth to the heir to the throne. But, it did sound like Nicki was open to the idea under different circumstances, so that is a win for Cupcakke and the culture.

So after finding out that Nicki Minaj was not available, she had to come up with something that would equal the Queen. She decided to have a remix with 10 other rappers👀. Cupcakke reached out, and they all were excited. She only gave out a few names and others we can guess. Da Baby, Tink, Vic Mensa, and Saucy Santana were three confirmed. I believe Asian Doll, Lil Durk, and possibly King Von were asked too, but there was beef over them all being on the track. There was also this mystery male rapper who wanted her to ghostwrite for him, and he was causing drama. Azealia Banks turned it down.

Long story short...Cupcakke realized why she likes working solo lol.

Below is part of her Instagram Live:


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