Cupcakke Says Y'all Faves Beg Her For Verses




I don't know if Cupcakke was busy buying the "Whole Lotta Money" Remix, but somehow she missed the discussions around rappers doing bait and switch announcements.

Earlier, Cupcakke got into with some STANs, so she decided to make a Twitter voice note where she claims

1, 2, 3, 4, 5 "main girls" are in her messages asking for verses. Did she name the "main girls" - nope! Did she post the "receipts" - nope! Did she delete her posts - yep!

In the past, she has made similar claims about Suki Hana being in her messages and male rappers wanting her to write their verses. So this is not new coming from her. Do I believe rappers are in her messages - possibly. But, what I am not going to do is help Cupcakke out by filling in the blanks for her. She was vague for a reason. While there may be rappers in her DMs, they may not be the "main girls" we are thinking about. She wants people to jump to the wrong conclusion the same way many did when Cardi B claimed a female rapper was nasty to her on the red carpet. Remember when Cardi finally admitted that everyone got it wrong, she said people should have connected the dots. I'm done connecting dot when it involves rap beef that appears to stem from jealousy.

I am not playing these reindeer games with Cupcakke in the middle of July.


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