After listening to "Blame It On Baby" twice, I will admit he is no DMX. The album is not "trash," but it's not better than "Kirk," just like Kirk was not better than "Baby On Baby." Soooo, he's not going in the right

direction in terms of creating albums.

The good part of the album is the beats. The beats make me want to rap. I also love the way Da Baby raps. People want him to "switch it up," but I love his flow. In fact, when it was obvious he was trying to "switch it up," like in Rockstar, Champion, Drop, 2nd half of Nasty, I didn't like it as much as his usual flow.

This album also suffers from some of the problems "Kirk" had in that it really did not go where we thought it was going. People thought "Kirk" was going to be introspective because of the first single and album title, and it put expectations on the album that it failed to meet. With the promo of "Blame It On Baby" and the title, I think I was expecting a more in-depth perspective on all the drama surrounding him. I could have missed it. As I said, I only listened to the album twice.

But, he has 8 tracks that are OK to good on this album. There is no AH-MAZING song on here that you have to put on a loop IMO.


  1. Can't Stop

  2. Talk About It

  3. Sad Sh*t

  4. Find My Way

  5. Jump

  6. Blame It On Baby

  7. Nasty

  8. Amazing Grace

Notice that out of the eight songs listed, only two have features.


Tonight, Da Baby AKA My Baby dropped his new album titled, Blame It On Baby. This will be his third studio album in a little over a year. The average rest-time between his albums is 6 months. 6 FCK'N MONTHS?! This is reminiscent of DMX.

Back between 1998 - 1999, DMX released three albums, "It's Dark And Hell Is Hot (1998)," "Flesh Of My Blood, Blood Of My Flesh (1998)," and "And Then There Was X (1999)." DMX averaged 9 months between albums. Each album went multi-platinum.



Now, out of the three albums, DMX dropped two are often called classic. Da Baby's first studio album, "Baby On Baby," was praised while his second album, "Kirk," received a lukewarm reception. However, if "Blame It On Baby" turns out to be as good as his first studio project, no one can deny what he has done is AH-MAZING.



  1. Can't Stop

  2. Pick Up (feat. Quavo)

  3. Lightskin Sh*t (feat. Future)

  4. Talk About It

  5. Sad Sh*t

  6. Find My Way

  7. Rockstar (feat. Roddy Ricch)

  8. Jump (NBA Youngboy)

  9. Champion

  10. Drop (feat. A Boogie)

  11. Blame It On Baby

  12. Nasty (feat. Ashanti & Megan Thee Stallion)

  13. Amazing Grace

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