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DaBaby Admits People Around Him Are Panicking + I Need To Vent


DaBaby is going to be defiant instead of smart. He decided to try to apologize without really apologizing...again. He admitted people around him are panicking, but I guess that is not enough for him to just give a real apology. Does he have too much toxic pride, or is he just homophobic? You gotta wonder at this point.

I also want to remind y'all that even if you removed the homophobic and HIV/AIDS remarks, his show was still problematic. DaBaby attempting to antagonize Megan Thee Stallion by bringing her alleged abuser on stage is unacceptable. So, I really have no compassion for whatever he is going through. He said he needed to feed his family as an excuse for working with Tory Lanez. How is that working out?

Whoever got in DaBaby's ear and told him that working with Tory Lanez would change his career didn't lie, but obviously, Jonathan didn't read the fine print.



It's disturbing to listen to some gay men rant and rave about DaBaby's comments, but take a break to applaud him for bringing out Tory Lanez, while bashing Megan. They can't move past this childish rap beef to show any compassion for Meg but then will wonder why some Black women don't bother standing up for them.

I find a lot of gay men to be just as misogynist as straight men. There is not a huge gap between DaBaby and a lot of these gay men behind these fake female rap pages. And that's a truth many don't want to address.


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