DaBaby And Dani Leigh Get Messy On Social Media (Updated)


It looks like things have turned ugly between DaBaby and his "Yellow Bone" Dani Leigh only 3 months after having their baby girl.

DaBaby posted a message on IG stories and claimed that he wanted to remove himself from any "hostile" behavior. Also, he is alleging that there were threats of setting up an internet scheme and a "person" is refusing to let him go.

Dani Leigh responded claiming that she had been living with DaBaby since the birth of their daughter and tonight after she had a Plan B sent to the condo, he tried to kick her out. YIKES!

DaBaby has been cursed ever since teaming up with Tory Lanez.


This is all a mess. I don't know if there are more videos because this doesn't make her look bad.


UPDATED: 11/15 at 7:29 AM PST.

Dani Leigh was busy last night and clapped back at Meme and those who say she was just the side chick.

DaBaby has a PSA


UPDATED 11/15 at 7:58 AM PST

Ok, so I thought Dani Leigh was responding to all the people calling her a side chick, but really she was exposing DaBaby. This video is disgusting. I know Dani did some clown shit, but as a woman, I can't excuse this behavior because we know he would do this to ANY woman.



Updated: 11/15 at 11:58 PM PST

DaBaby is still going...


Updated: 11/15 at 3:45 PM PST

Dani Leigh's brother wants to meet up with DaBaby after she was charged for simple assault.

In the piece, Dani Leigh is listed as the "girlfriend."


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