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DaBaby Forced To Cancel Show After Only Selling A Diaper Bag Amount Of Tickets To New Orleans Show

DaBaby Cancels Show To Very Low Ticket Sales To New Orleans Concert.


The Tory Lanez curse continues...! reported that DaBaby had to cancel his Sept. 2 concert at the Smoothie King Center in New Orleans allegedly due to poor ticket sales. According to their story, despite the tickets only being $35, DaBaby sold fewer than 500 tickets for an arena with 14,000 capacity.

DaBaby flops after betraying Megan Thee Stallion and teaming up with Tory Lanez.

DaBaby is another prime example of an artist who just could not get out of their own way. He allowed his ego and arrogance to lead him from being one of the biggest artists of 2019-2020 to a person struggling to get 500 people to a show.

His attitude and music changed after the death of his brother. I compared it to another Kanye situation. I thought he should have gotten some therapy. But, he allowed problematic men of Hip Hop to tell him he was OK and everyone else had the problem.

Whatever he was offered to betray Megan...was it worth it?


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