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DaBaby Sued For Assaulting Property Owner Who Tried Shutting Down Stunna 4 Vegas Music Video

UPDATED: 3/3 at 6:57 AM PST

The Daily Mail got video of the assault a rental owner claims was done by the DaBaby's entourage. Now, it does look like Stunna 4 Vegas jumped in to stop any potential attack, so I do not know how it would escalate to his tooth being knocked out.



Variety reported that DaBaby is being sued for assault...again😩 The owner of a vacation rental home sued DaBaby and his manager, Kinsza Virgil, alleging that he was assaulted and his phone was stolen after he tried to shut down an unauthorized music video last December.

The music video was for Stunna 4 Vegas's "Play U Lay" and featured Jake Paul.

According to the report, DaBaby rented the property under the condition that there could be no more than 12 people at the location to keep with COVID-19 restrictions. However, the alleged victim says there were about 40 people at the video shoot, which violates the terms.

When the owner went to shut down the music video, he claims he was knocked to the ground and chased by DaBaby into the house. He was warned to not call the police and then was sucker-punched, causing the victim to lose a tooth. The victim also alleges he was spat on.

This kinda sounds like the Miami promoter incident DaBaby was involved in.

I don't "SIWA" DaBaby is always involved in mess like this.


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Mar 03, 2021

I usually take up for Da Baby and his damn foolishness, but I can't do it. I wish he would keep his hands to himself.


He really needs to get it together. This is not a good look for him or his brand.

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