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DaBaby Blames It On Megan Thee Stallion For Him Diss'n Her On "Boogeyman"


DaBaby went on Hot 97 with Ebro and Rosenberg, where he was asked about his Megan Thee Stallion diss "Boogeyman." If you were expecting an apology or for him to say, "it was a joke," then you were expecting too much. Instead, he doubled down on the blame game.

Even though DaBaby kept denying that "Boogeyman" was a response to Megan publicly calling him out for lying about clearing the Tory song, he would quickly contradict himself by telling Ebro and Rosenberg how he told Megan to keep him out of their (Tory and her) business. At one point, he said something that I found very telling, "Don't turn the women empowerment shit on me."

Timeline of DaBaby Being Jealous of Megan Thee Stallion.

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Instead of "Blame It On Baby," DaBaby seems to blame Megan Thee Stallion for him losing a lot of his women fanbase. It must be noted that even though it was the LGBTQ+ community that got him canceled from festivals and cost him money, it was Black women who made sure he did not have a comeback story. If he wants to blame Megan for that, Oh well.

Later, he took another dig by claiming he deserved to win the Grammy for Rockstar. Remember, Megan Thee Stallion's "Savage" ended up winning.

This interview was filled with bitterness and further confirmed everything I wrote in "Since DaBaby Wants Beef, Megan Thee Stallion Should Give It To Him..."

DaBaby is too salty and too young for Megan Thee Stallion to let shit slide. Even though he is no longer a hot rapper, he has plenty of time to get hot again, which is why Megan needs to bury him. Even if he manages to dig himself out of his grave, he will know not to mess with Megan, Tina Snow, or the Hot Girl Coach.

She doesn't have to do anything now. Meg can enjoy her break, but just like he waited a year or so to drop his song, she can get her lick back when she returns with her next album or mixtape.


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