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DaniLeigh Says DaBaby Is Still Her Baby


DaniLeigh doesn't care who knows that DaBaby is still her baby. She posted a picture of herself with a Grammy-nominated rapper with the caption, "My baby ❤️idc."

In July, DaniLeigh confirmed that she and DaBaby had dated. DaBaby seemly confirmed the rumors too in his song "Go" when he raps, "R&B freak, I try to f**k her every day/Curly-haired jiggy b***h, it might be DaniLeigh."

But, DaBaby had gone back to his baby mama...or so we all thought. DaBaby did "Like" this post. Would he be silly enough to like the post if he was still with his baby mama???


Da Baby's baby mama responds...

I have no clue what that second message means lol.


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07. Dez. 2020

I wouldn’t take him seriously if I was Danileigh. He's grieving, and he's bound to act out in the process.

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