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Better late than never or is it? Drake finally dropped the new music that he promised after he won a NBA Championship....oops I mean the Toronto Raptors won the chip (no dip). The Best In The World Pack includes songs Omerta & Money In The Grave feat. Rick Ross.

Drake's new music after Toronto Raptor win championship
Best In The World Pack

First track is Omerta, which sounds like a throwaway track from his Scorpion album. It's basically Survival with watered bars. Drake is being Drake on this track. He is using a freestyle flow while taking shots at people he feels did him wrong. He is still not over the Pusha T / Kanye drama. This is one of those tracks that people will fool themselves into thinking they love because it's familiar. Drake is a master at reselling the same type of song over and over. His ability to do this so well is why I think his growth as an artist has been stunted. What's sad is that this is the best out of the two tracks.

"Last year niggas really feel like they rode on me / Last year niggas got hot cause they told on me"

Drake and Rich Ross - Money in the Grave
Money In The Grave

The second track is Money In The Grave with Rick Ross. This is one of those tracks that people will hype due to the names involved. This song sounds familiar but I can't think of what song it reminds me of right now. Drake keeps reminding us why he is leap years behind Kendrick Lamar when it comes to being an artist. The lyrics make you wonder is this what Drake sounds like without any writing help. He can sit on top of the charts forever but he won't sit in our hearts with tracks like this.

"I got two phones, one need a charge / yeah they twins, I could tell they ass apart"

Drake's bad songs stream suspiciously well, so I assume these may do good. If these two songs are any indication of what his new album will sound like, then he will continue on the stagnant track he started with Views.


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