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Is Meek dumb or just following orders? That is the question I had to ask myself. The Philly Screamer just got into a shouting match with Kenny and ended up walking out the store with this tail between his legs. Why would he like a post shading Kenny, when he knows people will see it?

He either is dumb or he is following the 2020 Atlantic marketing plan? This back and forth benefitted Meek way more than it benefitted Nicki. Atlantic saw Nicki killed it on the Meghan Trainor song and her "Yikes" snippet had people hyped. Sh*t even Hitmaka liked her post and he is an exec. at Atlantic. So, they needed to get Nicki into some type of drama to just make people back away from her. Even though Nicki does not instigate these issues, people just get tired of drama. Since the media often paints Nicki as the problem, fans just decide to blame her. Gawwwd forbid they address the #MeekProblem . Plus, Atlantic's industry plant is looking like a 4th Migo instead of a Grammy winner.

Meek is an emotional idiot, so who knows. He could have just did it out of being a pooh butt.



Nicki needs to take the power out of anyone using Kenny or her brother against her. I would advise her to:

  • Interview or have someone less emotionally invested interview Kenny about his attempt rape charge. If they can get the alleged victim on the show, do that too. All this talk about criminal justice reform and how they do Blacks in the system, well??? Having Kenny tell his story is not only powerful, but it takes away the power of speaking on his past. People will still try, but if a man is saying he was falsely accused and forced into a plea deal, who in Hip Hop has the nerve to question him while supporting Kodak Black and others. After this interview, never address it again unless it's in a rap.

  • Nicki Minaj needs to address her brother's case. Set the record straight. Then let all the bloggers and rappers know, if they slander her name again, lawsuits will be handed out like Chanel bags...PERIOD!

This will be a one-time thing of her addressing either issue on social media or Queen Radio. So she needs to be thorough, cause there should be no need to clarify sh*t. If muthafckaz want to play dumb, so be it.


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