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Did Beyonce Pay TMZ To Not Report On Julez Smith And Skai Jackson Scandal?

UPDATE 1/20 8:10 AM PST

TMuthafck'nZ posted a story by I guess an affiliate on the Julez Smith and Skai Jackson drama..sort of. All they did was highlight Skai's issue Lil Keed's baby mama and Bhad Bhabie. All that has nothing to do with this incident. It looks like they are trying to paint Skai as problematic. Another Black girl, another smear campaign. They need to investigate Julez. Something tells me he didn't just wake up to be this evil.

It's so easy to make Black women look problematic if we don't go around kissing people's asses, especially if you are a public figure. You can have normal disagreements or "beefs" with people and people will times it by 100.



I want to get ya'll thoughts on something I just saw. Someone suggested that Beyonce paid TMZ to not report on the Julez and Skai Jackson scandal. I went to check, and TMZ did not report on this story. I hadn't even noticed before because it was all over Twitter.

This person also pointed out how in alleged text messages, Julez name-dropped Beyonce when someone suggested he might get sued. So, he has a sense of being untouchable because of who his aunt is...allegedly.

Do y'all think that TMZ did not report on this because they were paid, or do they have a policy about reporting on kids not named Bhad Bhabie? I noticed they did not report on Bronny smoking weed either.

Is Julez a colorist...YIKES!


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19. Jan. 2021

A lot of people of his complexion are colorist. I have family members that are his complexion and thinks the same way. I have some family members that won’t even deal with you if you’re not bright like them . No lie.

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