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Did Drake and Kanye End Their Beef?

Rumor Me This...

Kanye and Drake call a truce according to Karen civil


One thing for sure, two things for certain, Drake will turn an enemy into a friend to support an album rollout. According to Karen Civil, Drake and Kanye have squashed their longstanding beef after years of taking shots at each other; well, Drake taking shots.

This info was shared after Low Key, host on Rapl Life Review, joked he would put money that Drake drops his often deferred album, Certified Lover Boy, on the same day as Kanye's Donda. Karen Civil replied, "They friends now...he not LOL."

As it's been well reported, the beef between the two frenemies started after Pusha T revealed in The Story of Adidon that Drake was a "deadbeat motherfucker playing border patrol" with his son Adonis. Even though Pusha T revealed he got the information from a woman Noah "40" Shebib was pillow talking with, Drake and his fans preferred to blame Kanye.


Do y'all believe that Kanye and Drake ended their feud?


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