Did Erica Banks Purchase Some "IT FACTORS?"

Updated: Aug 8, 2021


Did Erica Banks go purchase some "IT FACTORS?"

While I believe Erica Banks can rap, I have always said that she does not possess that "IT FACTOR" needed to blow up in female rap. Well, they say if you aren't born with it, go out and buy it and it looks like that is precisely what Erica did.

In a recent video posted by the Dallas rapper, fans can't stop talking about her new breast. Most of the comments appear positive, but I just hope this is not another Asian Doll situation where it was contractual and not necessarily a choice.

In music news, Erica does promise her fans that a project is on the way. She is signed to a major label, Warner Records, so this project will determine where she stands among her peers and if those new breasts gave her the "IT FACTOR" that has been missing thus far.


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