Did Erica Mena File For Divorce From Safaree To Distract From Suspicious Robbery Claims?

erica mena files for divorce from safaree samuels to distract from fake robbery

What in the Cardi B and Offset fake divorce is going on with Erica Mena and Safaree???

After Erica and Safaree announced they were expecting baby #2, it's been nothing but a shit show with these two. First, Erica makes the news for threatening to beat Wendy Williams, then both are in the news for a suspicious robbery AKA insurance scam, now we find out that last Friday, Erica filed for a Cardi B special. Being a reality TV couple looks exhausting.


According to the court doc, she is seeking a "divorce annulment." That means Erica, 2-years, one child, and a pregnancy later wants to act like the marriage never happened, LOL. Caresha, please. Mona Scott stop this mess now, LMAO!!!

Do y 'all believe this is real, to distract from their scam, or for the show?

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