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Did Fam0us Twinsss Fight Over 500K Get Stepfather Killed?

Fam0us twinss father shot by boyfriend


Oh, Lawwwwd....this story is crazy.

On Tuesday night, the Fam0us Twinsss stepfather was allegedly murdered over a 500K dispute between the twins. Multiple media outlets reported that one of the twins, Allie, made 500K off one of their songs and did not share it with sister Sway Bentley.

An argument erupted between the girls, and the stepfather sided with twin Allie. So, Sway allegedly gave a gun to her boyfriend to shoot the stepfather. That is the social media narrative.

NBC Channel 15 News in Mobile, AL, is reporting that there was a dispute between the twins. Sway's boyfriend showed up and started arguing with the twin's stepfather, James Walter. According to Channel 15, both men were armed. The stepfather went after the boyfriend, and that is when he was shot and killed. A woman was also shot and is in critical condition.

After the incident, both girls ended up making multiple videos, including the one below.


Even though the stepfather is seen still alive in the video, the stepfather did pass away.


Sway Bentley denies setting her stepfather up.

The story is still developing...


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