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Did JT Throw Shade at Megan Thee Stallion in Her "Goat Talk" Interview?

Did JT Diss Megan Thee Stallion On Goat Talk?

In a recent City Girls' "Goat Talk" interview with Complex, did JT low-key shade Megan Thee Stallion? I think so, but I could be reaching, and I will own that.

So, BOOM! here's what went happened in my Aaliyah Jay and Justin Marcus storytelling voice...

During the "WOAT" (Worst of All Time) segment, the girls had to reveal the worst zodiac sign. JT didn't hold back as she named Aquarius and launched into a full-blown rant about how she never met an Aquarius she liked. Now, maybe this is how she truly feels, but since when do Aquariuses get people this emotional? They're not exactly the most debated zodiac sign out there. It felt extra calculated.

The reason I'm delving into this is that I'm detecting a pattern. Remember when JT tapped that heart on a post downplaying Megan's gunshot injuries and seemingly feeling sorry for Tory Lanez? That incident shook my perception of her and the benefit of the doubt I used to extend? Poof, gone. Now, instead of just viewing her as pessimistic and jealous, I see her as nasty.



She got me remembering about how she "forgot" to deliver her verse for Megan's "Traumazine" album, and I even reasoned that artists get busy — it happens. But now, I'm side-eyeing the coincidences that keep piling up around her. It's like Latto's verse from "Put It On Da Floor" keeps playing in my head: "If it's beef, let me know. Baby, why you hiding it?"


What y'all think? Was it shade or are Aquariuses really the worst?


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24 באוג׳ 2023

They’re saying JT contacted milolamez and told her that her and meg are cool and milo did tweet that JT wasn’t talking about Meg


BEEN sensed jealousy. BEENNNNNN them girls feel like they should be where megan is.


Nobody gives af about JT. Not even being mean

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