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Did Kevin Samuels Expose His High-Value Lover Live On Air?


Kevin Samuels, who people have speculated is gay, may have exposed his high-value lover while on air. While pretending to listen to a caller, a man in his bed pops up on the screen. Kevin is heard saying, "What the heck just happened here" before giving a nervous laugh. He then says, "Someone sleeping in the bed...oh...yeah glitching system." The glitch is him spying on his lover while that poor actress...Oops I mean lady is talking.

This is exactly why people think his show is scripted and those calls are fake.


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May 26, 2021

How do we know that's his room? Lol Have anyone ever seen those decors or sheets on his camera before? I want to know. Let me go do some snooping 🤣

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