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Did Missy Elliott Swagger Jack Ms. Jade?

Video courtesy of All Talks Music


I like to watch videos on rappers from back in the day, and I came upon this video explaining what happened to Ms. Jade. Ms. Jade was a rapper who was with Timbaland. I only know one song from her: "Ching, Ching."

Ms. Jade, like with most female rappers, had some beefs. One was not a rap beef; it more like a Lil Kim type beef. She accused Missy Elliott of swagger jacking her style.

Ms. Jade said, "When I first came out, my persona was the around the way girl. The Adidas sweatsuits and bamboo earrings. She (MIssy) took that and ran all the way down the street with it."


I got some photos of Missy Elliott when she was in the R&B group "Sistah." This was when her group was trying to be the female Jodeci.

I don't remember how Missy's style evolved. Thoughts?


Ching, Ching


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P.S. Has any rapper had more beefs than Foxy Brown?

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