Did Nicki Minaj Really Turn Down Features With The City Girls And Saweetie?



Youtuber Ashley Miracle did a "reading" on Nicki Minaj and Erica BanksBLAH, BLAH, BLAH. I put "reading" in quotation marks because she claims to get information from music insiders close to Nicki. So, it's part tarot card, part "sourced" information she is allegedly giving.

Anyway, she claims that Nicki Minaj has already TURNED DOWN feature requests from the City Girls and Saweetie. Hmmm...very interesting because:

1 - City Girls just started positively mentioning Nicki Minaj's name. When did they ask???

2- Saweetie's dating Quavo and..."You spent your money, but I ain't say I was your boo yet."

Disclaimer: Ya'll know what I say about Youtubers; watch them for ENTERTAINMENT. It does not mean they cannot be telling the truth, but don't get married to what they say without actual receipts. We know that Nicki Minaj has spoken to Tasha K, so it's not far fetched that her team may have relationships with other YouTubers. Also, we have seen that when a celebrity can't use the more prominent platforms, they will go to Youtubers who are more desperate for "exclusives."


So, for entertainment purposes, let's say that Nicki Minaj did turn down features with the City Girls and Saweetie. Do you think it's a smart move or a missed opportunity?


I feel like since Nicki is basically a feature only artist right now, why not do features that people want? Her own STANs spend more time talking about other female rappers than they do promoting her songs, so kill two birds with one stone. The buzz and attention are already with the female rappers.

I feel this way about all the female rappers. The guys are not delivering, and the battle of the sexes rap is just no poppin for me. I would prefer the top girls to get on a track with Lady London, Omeretta, Chika, or Deetranada, etc., and have a battle of perspectives. I feel there are so many untapped ideas within female rap that ALL the women need to team-up.


Oh, Ashley Miracle did say that people were trying to get Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion to beef. I didn't need tarot cards to know that.


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