On Wednesday, at 4 a.m., rapper Saucy Santana was shot at after leaving The Office, a popular strip club in Miami. Saucy Santana spoke to TMZ about the incident, where he said he believes the shooting was a homophobic attack.

However, a stripper from the club, Miami Tip 305, posted that Saucy Santana had provoked the incident and it was not homophobic in nature.

Miami Tip 305 said:

Saucy Santana pulled down his bottoms to show his thong. Due to this being a straight club, the security told him he cannot do that. Santana got upset and started cursing out the security. He was putting his hands in securities face and screaming, "You are not going to touch"...blah, blah.

Saucy Santana is known in this club, so they have him a lot of leeway, but he kept disrespecting club members. Miami Tip 305 said these are street guys in this club and no matter if you are straight, gay, a woman; you probably were going to get shot.

Who do you believe?

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