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Did Suki Hana Go Too Far In Latest Onlyfans Video?



Suki Hana, who gained popularity from Love & Hip Hop Miami and most recently for her cameo in Ole

Girl and Megan Thee Stallion's "WAP" music video, got some backlash after her Onlyfans promo went viral on Twitter. Anyone who follows Suki Hana knows that you may come across her getting finger fck'd or eaten out by fiancé Kill Bill at any point in time while scrolling Twitter or Instagram. When it comes to promoting her Onlyfans business, Suki Hana leaves very little to the imagination. There is a saying, "If a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video is worth a million, " and Suki Hana definitely lives by this philosophy.

On Friday, Suki Hana tweeted, "I worked hard for this nut. A Lil throw up did not stop me. Subscribe to my Onlyfans to watch the 14-minute video." She included two photos of herself. One where her breast and Wolf Pussy are exposed and what looks like vomit on her leg and another where she looked exhausted and sweaty. She did not stop there. Suki also uploaded a photo of herself giving Kill Bill "Clinton" that Monica Lewinsky and a video where you can see clearly that there is vomit on her leg🤢. I'm not sure if she thought there was a big audience for "vomit porn," but by the backlash she received, I would say she miscalculated.






Suki Hana's fanbase grew after appearing in the WAP video. That song was marketed as some "women empowerment" song that allowed women to own their sexuality, blah, blah, blah. Y'all know I did not buy into that bullsh*t; however, a lot of girls did. So, I find it ironic that girls love rapping "I wanna gag, I wanna choke I want you to touch that Lil' dangly thing that swing in the back of my throat." But, when they see a Suki Hana actually "gag," "choke," and then vomit because Kill Bill is touching that "dangly thing" in the back of her throat…it's gross? Y'all gonna let a Lil vomit get in the way of "women empowerment?" Y'all really don't want rappers to live the life they rap about.




I really don't care what Suki Hana and Kill Bill do on Onlyfans, the only thing I am in her business about is if she is really trying to be a rapper. I feel like she is ruining brand deals every time she posts an Onlyfans promo. Certain brands won't fck with her. She is one of the few dark skin female rappers getting some shine, and it looks like she is self-sabotaging. I hope I am wrong.

I asked on Twitter if yall thought Suki's side hustle will limit her rap career. With 5-hours to go the vote is at Yes - 72.5% / No - 27.5%.



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I usually don’t like to throw the kid card in grown women’s face BUT Suki literally got children grown enough to search her up on the internet cause I know I would do that as a child and especially if I knew my mother was a public figure.

All female rappers clearly have sex, we don’t need you to publicly post it to think you living your raps. At least keep it strictly on onlyfans. This ain’t one of those fake raps thing where you can use it as an excuse to publicly humiliate yourself. Shit even ole girl never went this far and she’s known to do a lot of embarrassing stuff.

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