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Diddy Really Thought He Was The Joker As He Goes Off On Power Actor Michael J. Ferguson


The Heath Ledger Joker has been a staple Halloween costume since the actor's death, but Diddy may have embodied the character a little too much last night.

While out celebrating and showing off his costume, Diddy ran into Power actor Michael J. Ferguson who plays 2-Bit. In the viral video, you can see Ferguson, unaware it was Diddy under all the makeup, calling him "pussy." Diddy, still in full Joker character, does that Joker maniacal laugh as he backs up and calls Ferguson a "clown." You would think it would be over, but nope, because it seems like a switch went off in Diddy, and he snapped back into the same man who bitch slapped Drake and dislocated his shoulder. Diddy starts yelling, "What's up? You don't like me? Muthfcka, then get to it nigga! You don't like me, you muthafck'n....get to it bitch! Don't fck'n play with me on Halloween. I'm out here with Love, nigga."

Finally, someone told Ferguson who this crazy man was, and things cooled down. But, damn...where is the love...LOVE.


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