Rapper Guapdad 4000 is one of the many rappers over DJ Akademiks antics. As we all know, DJ

Akademiks was suspended for a measly two days from Complex over his tirade against Chrissy Teigen. I think it was really to help Complex with their controversy over how they treat women in the work office. While on his break, you would think he would calm down, but nope he is still searching his name.

As a blogger who often tells rappers if they respond to bloggers, it makes them look a particular way, I am amused to see how much Akademiks ignores his own advice when it comes to ignoring rappers. So when Guapdad 4000 tweeted, "The fall of Akademiks has been beautiful to watch. Thank you @FreddieGibbs," DJ Akademiks goes at him by throwing up another rappers name (bitch move), and then brings up stats. Guapdad tells Akademiks fck the stats and to drop his report card. Akademiks does not post report cards but just lets everyone know he did graduate college with a fancy-sounding degree.

What do y'all think of DJ Akademiks still responding to rappers?

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