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DJ Akademiks Ignores Numbers As He Tries To Convince People Megan Thee Stallion Flopped

DJ Akademiks is doing what he normally does, which is use his platform to push false narratives. 6ix9ine did not flop, but Megan Thee Stallion did??? Tory Lanez did the same numbers he normally does, but that is not a flop considering the push he got from AK and him using the shooting as the theme????

if a project is a flop, then you don't have to work to convince people it is LOL. Akademiks is a math major, but ignored numbers to go with his feelings and "hype." HUH????


This is not going to be a long post. I just don't like to make multiple tweets on the same thing. Megan Thee Stallion's album did not flop, in fact it's a great success. That does not mean you have to like the album. I did not like Lil Baby's album, but I can't call it a flop. People get too in their feelings and because they don't like an artist or a project, just call it a flop to make themselves feel good.


  • Megan more than doubled Suga

  • Megan beat her average sales total

  • Inline or did better than her peers debut projects (Cordae, Lil Baby, Da Baby, etc)

  • Good News did not have the advantage of bundles


If you want to compare Megan's debut album to Cardi B's IOP and Nicki Minaj's "Queen," then please take out the bundle sales. Otherwise, what are we comparing?

I tried Googling Cardi's bundle but couldn't find a story, but that is how it goes with Ole Girl. I personally wouldn't compare any female rapper to Ole Girl due to the questionable tactics used. But, if you believe in her sales..have at it. At least Cardi B is Meg's peer.

Now comparing a rookie to a legend, and y'all think that makes Meg look bad? We do know that Nicki Minaj got into a bundles war with Travis Scott to push 185K. But, y'all want Megan Thee Stallion, whose fanbase is dwarfed by Nicki's, to push 150K without bundles?

There are times to go with feelings (i.e. if you like the album) vs data (i.e. sales projections).


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
28 de nov. de 2020

This is the type of BS that needs to stop. I was speaking to people about Megan's album and this Nicki fans decided to jump in spreading misinformation. Nicki got credit for streams too. Nicki was not called a flop for doing 185k, she was called a flop because her album got #2 when she was the biggest artists that week, she called out AKademiks for lying about her numbers, and most importantly SHE GOT BLACKBALLED.

To wish other artists get treated poorly, instead of making sure your fave gets treated fairly next time is a shitty attitude.


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
28 de nov. de 2020


Calm down - I would love for Nicki to actually speak on music industry issues. That would interest me.


I did not put Nicki down. The truth is the truth. I never said Nicki's sales were bad or that she did not EARN the #1 spot. I was showing how comparing her to Meg just does not add up. 1) Nicki is a way bigger star 2) Nicki did use bundles.

That has nothing to do with if Nicki lost sales. I was not relitigating her problems lol. If you would calm down you would see I said nothing wrong or offensive. I know 2018 was rough but chill lol. Nicki should not be compared to the new…


Ok Nicki has done a lot of questionable things and i have always called her out, but her speaking out about the things happening in this fake industry doesn't necessarily mean that she wants sympathy! She has always been vocal about certain topics , so it's not fair...Even if she wanted sympathy, who are we to tell her how to feel? How to heal? We can clearly tell that she was in a dark place...So far in 2020, she has been minding her business! You are acting like it's 2018 all over again, she is clearly healing and in a better place...

I have personally nothing against you defending Meg! All these blogs are against her and she deserves nothi…


Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
28 de nov. de 2020

J Lynn what you just did is why I don't want to talk about Nicki.

  1. I never said I won't speak about Nicki. I actually force myself to try to post whatever she is doing even though I am not personally interested. I have always said that I feel the media tries to erase her, so I try to make sure I do not do that. That is why I included her in my last piece even though I really did not want to

2. y'all have this thing about thinking that when we disagree I change or do something to ya'll lol. You sound silly when I literally take the time out to write out paragraphs to explain…


1st Nicki’s Queen album was her 4th album how and why are people comparing a debut to someone years in the game.

2nd if you want to compare then come with the right facts Nicki had 185k and 78k pure and Meg had 92k and 7k pure. Compare the accurate numbers!!

3th it’s sad to see fan pages going at each other because of wap when in reality cardi will turn on Meg. Why do you think Jason openly is dragging meg and claims him and cardi are close. Also she has AK on her payroll why do you think he praises her hard and is dragging meg. I said it before and I will say it again Meg’s biggest…

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