DJ Akademiks Ignores Numbers As He Tries To Convince People Megan Thee Stallion Flopped

DJ Akademiks is doing what he normally does, which is use his platform to push false narratives. 6ix9ine did not flop, but Megan Thee Stallion did??? Tory Lanez did the same numbers he normally does, but that is not a flop considering the push he got from AK and him using the shooting as the theme????

if a project is a flop, then you don't have to work to convince people it is LOL. Akademiks is a math major, but ignored numbers to go with his feelings and "hype." HUH????

This is not going to be a long post. I just don't like to make multiple tweets on the same thing. Megan Thee Stallion's album did not flop, in fact it's a great success. That does not mean you have to like the album. I did not like Lil Baby's album, but I can't call it a flop. People get too in their feelings and because they don't like an artist or a project, just call it a flop to make themselves feel good.


  • Megan more than doubled Suga

  • Megan beat her average sales total

  • Inline or did better than her peers debut projects (Cordae, Lil Baby, Da Baby, etc)

  • Good News did not have the advantage of bundles

If you want to compare Megan's debut album to Cardi B's IOP and Nicki Minaj's "Queen," then please take out the bundle sales. Otherwise, what are we comparing?

I tried Googling Cardi's bundle but couldn't find a story, but that is how it goes with Ole Girl. I personally wouldn't compare any female rapper to Ole Girl due to the questionable tactics used. But, if you believe in her sales..have at it. At least Cardi B is Meg's peer.

Now comparing a rookie to a legend, and y'all think that makes Meg look bad? We do know that Nicki Minaj got into a bundles war with Travis Scott to push 185K. But, y'all want Megan Thee Stallion, whose fanbase is dwarfed by Nicki's, to push 150K without bundles?

There are times to go with feelings (i.e. if you like the album) vs data (i.e. sales projections).