Did DJ Akademiks Break Up The Joe Budden Podcast and Is That Why He Gave Nicki Minaj Her Flowers?


I love when the puzzle pieces come together.

Joe Budden, who publicly told Nicki Minaj to "Shut The Fck Up!," admitted he instigated the beef between her and Cardi B and tried starting a feud between Nicki and Megan Thee Stallion; recently made headlines by declaring the Grammys need to give Nicki Minaj her flowers. How nice of him...

Joe as a Grammy voter, I would love to know if he ever placed one vote for Nicki Minaj in her 10 Grammy

nominations? I highly doubt it, so he could have kept his fake flower speech and instead kept the same energy. However, I knew what Joe was doing. He was pulling a DJ Akademiks. He knew by telling Nick Minaj STANs what they WANTED to hear, they would get amnesia and promote his podcast show like no other, and that is precisely what they did. No tarot cards needed for that prediction.

Now, I thought he was using Nicki's fans solely because his Joe Budden Network is probably tanking and he needed a viral moment. I do not have any stats to back it up, but I know that people do not talk as much about his podcast now that it's off Spotify. He only goes viral when speaking on female rappers, just like his former co-host Chipmunk.

However, numbers may not be Joe Budden's only problem. Besides his podcast losing steam, there may be some internal fighting going on. Allegedly Joe Budden suspended Rory, and Mal followed. That is why he had new co-hosts for his fake flowers show.

According to a "source" AKA a Youtuber who pays way more attention to this podcast than I, Rory and Mal are starting to realize that the Joe Budden Podcast is exactly what the name says, "JOE BUDDEN's PODCAST." It's not the team's podcast that he sells them on. All those deals that DJ Akademiks clown them about NOT getting, as Joe brags about deals he turns down or takes, apparently is making the guys feel some type of way. After Joe strongly suggested that Rory take some time off after a dispute, it gave Rory and Mal a reality check. They are the "work bees" that DJ Akademiks calls them. Even though DJ Akademisk claims to be cool with Joe Budden, I think he knew he was pointing out power dynamics within that podcast that Joe probably did not want to be said publicly.

So those bushes of fake flowers he was trying to give Nicki Minaj he needs to go give to Rory and Mal because I do not want him using female rappers as topics to keep his podcast afloat.


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