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On Friday, DJ Akademiks spoke to his "chat n*ggas" on Twitch about the Tory Lanez/Megan Thee Stallion

shooting. As we all know, Akademiks was the first to come out and tried to be a character witness for Tory Lanez after the incident blew up on social media. What we don't know if he was asked to do that or was that his great idea. However, on Twitch, he said he believes that Tory Lanez will be charged with aggravated assault w/ a deadly weapon within the next week. He did not claim to have a "source" or explain why he gave that timeframe.

DJ Akademiks also believes that Megan Thee Stallion is struggling with possibly being labeled a snitch. Even though he does believe Megan will name Tory Lanez, he does not think she will cooperate with an entire investigation to get him deported.

I mentioned in one of my very first post on this matter to not be shocked if Megan does not go through with a whole court proceeding. Not because she isn't for women, but because that is the norm within the music industry. Many women have accused other male artists of abuse, and those men have never been charged with anything. That is why I find it so hypocritical for some to demand Megan to use a justice system that has failed so many women, while still supporting women who did the opposite.


I give Akademiks credit for actually speaking on Tory Lanez. You have some media personalities pretending like they are investigating this story but barely mention Tory Lanez. It's all about Megan Thee Stallion. Now, obviously, she is the bigger star, but it just shows there is an agenda, and it is not really about finding the truth. It's just entertainment...



I understand why Tory has not said a word yet because anything says will be used against him. It's better

to allow these blogs, paid or just supporting on their own, to speak for him in order to sway the court of public opinion. Tory Lanez is using Law #7 - GET OTHERS TO DO THE WORK FOR YOU, BUT ALWAYS TAKE THE CREDIT. Looking at some comments on this incident, you would think Tory Lanez has made a statement. His "defense" is being pushed by certain blogs 24/7, that some people have forgotten that Tory has yet to speak. But that is the goal. Get those non-critical thinkers to run around social media repeating sh*t like a robot.

The reason these "messy" bloggers have to work overtime is because Megan Thee Stallion is using Law #5 (my fave law) - SO MUCH DEPENDS ON REPUTATION - GUARD IT WITH YOUR LIFE. Megan speaking out and correcting the lies told about her is why she has gained so much support and why in the future other female rappers will benefit. It's a cultural shift happening, and Megan is at the forefront of it. I will elaborate on this later. Also, the fact that Megan's team is allowing her to speak, makes me think they are very confident with where they stand on this issue.

Do you think charges are coming within a week or closer to when his hearing happens?


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