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DJ Akademiks Claims Jade and 6ix9ine's Problems Are Due To Him Constantly Diss'n The Dead


On April 1st (April Fools Day), rumors started to swirl that Jade and 6ix9ine broke up after announcing she was "single." Fans also noticed that she had covered up her 6ix9ine tattoo. They troll so much, I did not pay much attention to the news until now...

DJ Akademiks, or should we call him BLAB-ademiks got his rollie pollie ass on his Twitch show and repeated a private conversation he overheard between Jade and 6ix9ine. Akademiks says Jade broke up with 6ix9ine or is taking a break due to him constantly disrespecting the dead. So, not everyone is feeling 6ix9ine's antics.

What I can't get past is that this information was from a conversation Akademiks overheard. It does not appear to be information he was told to pass along to 6ix9ine fans. Who needs wiretaps with friends like Akademiks?

Now, both Jade and 6ix9ine are in DR, so even though she may be annoyed by him, they may still be together.


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