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Yooo...Dj Akademiks has been on one for the last few days. In the mists of Akademiks running amuck through the music industry, I missed him telling Chrissy Teigen to suck his d*ck.

A few days ago, DJ Akademiks was on Twitch with his "Barbz" running through the Billboard Chart numbers. He gets to John Legend and immediately starts whining about how Chrissy Teigen dissed him one time. He tells his chat-niggas, "One time she sneaks dissed me, so fck that hoe!" I proceed to pick my jaw off the ground, as AK continues to rail against her, "How bout you take that fck'n big ass mouth of yours and fck'n weird-ass look'n face and start promoting your man's album." Goddamn, AK! He goes on to mock John Legend's first week sales and tops off his commentary with, "Chrissy Teigen suck a d*ck, straight up. John Legend, if you feel any type of way about it nigga, you can suck one too."


If y'all remember my piece on Akademiks' real issue with Nicki Minaj, this rant reminds me of it. AK is a colorist, who doesn't like dark skin girls, bitter towards light skin girls, and appears to only date Hispanics. For "Mr. Numbers Guy" to not be able to just run through the numbers without stopping to rant against Chrissy, just shows that he still hurt over those light skin girls who wouldn't date him in college. He needs to get that bitterness out his heart before John Legend uses his teeth as piano keys.


As for how Akademiks has been acting overall these last few days, it's very 6ix9ine-ish. I don't know if he is doing this to grow his platform, but he's wild'n. Ever since he got his McMansion, sh*t has gone to his head. Someone needs to set up a chipmunk trap.


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Jul 01, 2020

@YourPhdmentor, AK is acting untouchable and it's all based on how much money he is making. If someone who makes more money than him, tried treating him like sh*t he would have another meltdown. He will be humbled soon.


The way he speaks about women is completely unnecessary and inappropriate. And I do think 6ix9ine is rubbing off on him. He's feeling himself a little too much now. I wonder how this is going to play out.

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