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Do the City Girls Get Enough Credit For Starting Trends Within Female Rap?

Saucy Santana says the City Girls Don't Get enough credit


We have heard the City Girls complain about people nibbling off their aesthetic/sound, but I guess it is still an issue going into 2021. Saucy Santana took to Twitter to say,

"Ppl don't give the City Girls enough credit! I'm dead ass having a debate right now. Them girls start a lot of shit ppl follow!"

Santana got mixed responses to his tweet:


Video Courtesy of Rap Radar



I think this is a discussion that needs to be had in general, not just with the City Girls. People always get mad when someone says they "started" something. We all should be aware that there is nothing new under the sun for most trends. Most of the popular trends were probably done in the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, etc. However, some people bring trends back in style after they sprinkle their uniqueness on to it. So, when an artist(s) say they started a trend, they speak for the current time. Fans were not saying "PERIODT" because of Trina or any other female rapper(s); they said it because of the City Girls. No, they were not the first to say it, but they made it popular again.



So, I see where the City Girls don't get enough credit for their trends, but they are not the only ones by far. I want y'all to name a popular trend that female rappers made popular again but DID NOT get credit for making it hot again.


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Fck Yaya
Fck Yaya
Feb 10, 2021

I see people mistaking someone making something hot again vs. saying someone started something. No one is saying that Saweetie was the first or owns "I know dats right," however, that catchphrase is part of Saweetie's brand. Just like Cardi B was not the first to say "Okurrr" but that did not stop her from trying to trademark it.

Plenty of female rappers have catchphrases that are part of their brand that fans associate with them. Let's not play slow to protect Cardi.

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