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Does Drake Keep Hot Sauce In His Bag?


Is this the reason Drake randomly decided to praise Kodak Black?

Last night, a story went semi-viral about an IG model suing Drake for putting hot sauce in his condom. Weird, I know....but it gets better.

So, allegedly this IG model had the best 20 minutes of her life when she got to fuck 7 inch Drake after a night of partying. Once Drake was done, he went to the bathroom to dispose of the condom. This Sophie wannabe later went into the bathroom, grabbed the condom, and tried to artificially inseminate herself.

Well, while she thought she getting expensive sperm, it was actually hot sauce! She said it felt like she was pouring lava into her vagina. When she screamed, Drake ran back into the room, saw her, and admitted he had poured hot sauce into the condom to kill the sperm.

This sounds like a fanfiction that I wouldn't mind reading a few chapters of...LOL. But, now I wonder if Drake's praise of Kodak Black was to distract from this fan novel?


What do y'all think of this whole mess?

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Jan 12, 2022

Drake said "Not my hottie sauce" 😂😭😭. This has to be a joke.

You know what's crazy to me, the men never receive the same backlash as women when it come to associating themselves with known offenders. Megan with Trey, Nicki with 69, hell even Cardi with Kodak, all received some lashings when it came to them. None of the tweets that were put up talked about Kodak being a predator, all was saying no he's not the goat or I'm glad Drake is giving Kodak his flowers. Had that been either one of those ladies saying that, the convo would have been different.


PAC’s Wifey 🤣
PAC’s Wifey 🤣
Jan 11, 2022

LiteSkin tingz 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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