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Cardi B accused Access Hollywood of using a clickbait headline and an edited interview with Scott Evans to make her look like a bad mother. I am uncertain of what motive Access Hollywood would have to do that, considering she is a media darling. But Cardi B insisted in a 6-minute rant, which included spitting, that is precisely what Access Hollywood attempted to do.

If Access Hollywood had edited Cardi's interview in a way to make her look negative, then I would sympathize with her rant (minus the AIDS comment). However, that is not what happened and many in the media, including Access Hollywood, are coddling Cardi B again. It must be nice to be able to use that White Latino privilege when needed.


I watched the interview clip in question, and in no way did she come off as a bad mother. If fact, the interview was very relatable. I immediately thought about my mama telling me that as a toddler, I had bonded more with my grandmother than her because she had to work. Many mothers can relate to the struggle of balancing a career and wanting to be the best mommy they can be. But, since Cardi B seems to believe she is the ONLY woman in the world who is dealing with this issue, it went over her head. It should not shock anyone considering she thought being called a "quarterback" was a diss.

But what I find baffling is that no one the media is defending Access Hollywood, including Access Hollywood. They are following media protocol and putting Cardi's tantrums over their creditability. Access Hollywood took down the interview and through a source, told the Hollywood Reporter that their producers agree that the headline (not the actual interview) was unfair to Cardi and apologized privately, WOW!

The Hollywood Reporter

Let's review the headline:

"Cardi B Admits Baby Kulture Calls Someone Else 'Mommy' Because She Works So Much: It 'Feels Wack'."

How does this headline make Cardi B look like a bad mother? If Kulture was a 16 yr old, then I can see the issue. But, we are all aware that Kulture is a toddler and how toddlers can get attached to caretakers. Once you click on the video, you see the context of the statement, which the headline is missing. Even if Cardi B was just speaking hypothetically, she should have said that. Either way that headline and that interview did not make her look like a bad mother.

The fact that Access Hollywood offered a private "apology" tells me all I need to know. If Access Hollywood thought they were wrong, they would have issued a public apology the same way BET did last year. This "apology" served one purpose only; to keep a relationship with Cardi B.


While the interview did not make Cardi B look like a bad mother, her response to this interview sure the hell did! Not only did her response make me question her parenting skills, but I wondered who the FCK raised her. Cardi was screaming at the top of her lungs, spitting, and wishing AIDS on Scott Evan's mother. This all-over something she made up in her head. She is continuously using Kulture as a shield, excuse, or a prop when she WANTS to verbally or physically attack someone.

I noticed a banner going across the screen during her interview. It read, "Cardi's Post Partum Struggle." So Cardi is still struggling with postpartum depression. Wasn't she dealing with postpartum depression when she was throwing shoes at the Harper's Bazaar Party last year? I remember a rapper asking people to get her some help before she hurts someone. So has Cardi gotten any professional assistance in the past year or is getting "solid as a rock" tits and turtle shell abs her only form of therapy?

To me, Cardi B comes off as someone who is insecure about her parenting. So if she feels someone is confirming her inner beliefs about herself; she lashes out. The postpartum depression probably adds to her already volatile personality, so we get the over the top rants like she just did.


Cardi B was not ONLY bothered by the Access Hollywood headline. She was upset over a recent episode of The Joe Budden Podcast. On the "Positive Perry" episode, the guys spoke about the music Cardi B is currently making. In response to Mal asking if Joe liked Cardi's new song with French Montana, he replied, "No...but I hate judging music from artists that I know are putting very minimal effort into their music." They also addressed why Cardi's music is not connecting with fans as it did a year ago. Mal broke it down:

No artist wants to hear they are falling off, notably less than a year after winning a Grammy. But I feel that getting this type of critique from The Joe Budden Podcast honestly concerned her. Joe Budden has coddled Cardi for years and was instrumental in helping her push false narratives about Nicki Minaj during their "beef." If it appeared Joe was jumping ship; it was only a matter of time before other platforms start asking similar questions. Hip-Hop media is a copycat culture.


On the next episode of The Joe Budden Podcast, they did what I expected. They followed the media protocol when it came to Cardi B and put on their Captain Save A Hoe capes. They all sounded as if their balls were being held hostage, as they made it very clear how much they loved Cardi B.

This is the Joe Budden Podcast I know and why I only listen occasionally for content purposes. All that was missing was “You is Smart, You is Kind, You is Important Cardi B.”🥴


While the media loves Cardi B, it appears music fans are over her. The problem with having the media be your primary fanbase, they don't buy tickets or stream music. All they can do is try to cover up that the music is flopping, and the shows are not selling out. Do you notice that there are no headlines about Cardi B's poor ticket sales? The media jumped at the chance to make up stories about another rapper's tour. Now, Cardi's poor ticket sales are not newsworthy. Let's not forget that Cardi B has yet to do a tour. These struggle shows are to prove she is worthy of doing a big tour.

Photo Captured Oct. 6th

Cardi B has show tomorrow in Texas. The venue is half empty. How long before it 100% empty and the only thing she is left with is PRESS, PRESS, PRESS, PRESS, PRESS?


Do you believe the media protects Cardi B?

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