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Doja Cat Apologized To Plini After Being Accused Of Using His Music Without Credit Or Permission


Doja Cat and drama go together like peanut butter and jelly.

Doja Cat flooded Australian guitarist Plini Roessler-Holgate, professionally known as Plini, DMs with apologies after he tweeted about her not giving credit or asking permission to use his music in her MTV EMA performance of "Say So."

This all stems from Doja Cat's rock-inspired performance at last month's EMA awards. Fans of Plini noticed that she used parts of his 2016 hit song, "Handmade Cities," in her performance.

Of course, fans being fans, started talking about it in the Youtube comments and alerted Plini that Doja Cat had "stolen" his music.

What really grabbed my attention about this story was Plini's initial response to the hoopla. Plini posted on his Instagram, "The lack of prior communication about it or proper credit upon release is disappointing but not particularly surprising in a sector of the industry that is usually more interested in clout than creativity (it's being sorted now, but would have been cooler a million views ago)."

What "sector" could he be referring to...hmmm? I don't like that, even if there is some truth to the statement. I guess he could be referring to Pop music since Doja Cat is considered a multi-genre artist.

Now, mind you, this all happened in November. It's now a story again because Plini, who dropped a new album, was asked about the drama in an interview with Music Radar.

Plini is now brushing off all the drama telling MR, "I made a comment on Twitter, not really accusing anyone of anything but just because I thought it was funny… and then it turned into this whole thing. I suppose the fans really did all the work; they had all the outrage on my behalf.

When asked what happened in the end, Plini revealed he woke up flooded with voice messages in his DMs from Doja Cat.

Via Music Radar:

"It turns out the Musical Director of that performance had been inspired by it, and some of the band knew about

it beforehand, thinking it was cool that the riff was getting used. Which must have been an honest mistake, not perhaps realizing it could have been an issue in some way; that's what I like to think because I like to assume the best. And then it eventually made its way to Doja Cat...

"The best part of all this is that I woke up one day with a string of voice messages from her in my DMs, saying sorry and that she wished she'd known about all of this and wished they could have credited me properly, and also praising my song and thanking me for being nice about it.

"I thought about that and realized it was the number one strangest thing that's happened to me in my career. One of the biggest pop stars is messaging me an apology because someone kinda ripped my music for her live performance. Life is so fucking weird (laughs). As far as I'm concerned, it's a great story."


I think it's cool that Doja Cat did not allow her ego to get in the way of her admitting she was wrong and apologizing.


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