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Doja Cat Doesn't Understand Why People Think She Is Talking About Fish On Best Friend


Doja Cat like most artists, especially those who write, is sensitive about her shit. She went on IG Live to ask why the hell do people think she is saying, "She Off Her Fish" on her collab track, Best Friend, with Saweetie? She asked fans, "Tell me what that means to you she off her fish. Does it just bounce off the tongue? Does it just tickle the ivories?" She also wants fans to stop sending her pictures of fish, LOL.

The actual lyrics are, "And she so bad that I just can't take that bitch nowhere She off her fifth shot, I said, "Mm-mm, don't go there." After listening to the snippet, I hear fish...bwhahahahaahaha.

What did y'all think she was saying?


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Jan 27, 2021

Now Doja you know you said fish 🤣

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