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Doja Cat Performs "Get Into It (Yuh)" At Club E11even In Miami

Video via TheKittensRoom


Last night in Miami, Doja Cat performed Nicki Minaj's fave track off Planet Her, "Get Into It (Yuh), at club E11even. If you listen at the end, it does sound like she still included the ass-kissing, "Thank you, Nicki. I looove you" part of the song. So is Doja Cat, who I considering a troll, taking the high road, and for how long?

Also, watching the performance, I can't help but feel like we got two shows in one cause that skirt almost outperformed Doja. I kept watching to see if it was going to fall off her😂.


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I wonder why paying homage is automatically kissing ass? like that part is part of the song lol, if doja does not mention this part people will say they have a beef, it is rather clear that doja dont care, its like the blogs and the stand are more bothered than her atp and nicki is still the vilian in the story for some (I'm not talking about you yaya) clearly we do not know if there is a problem and what happens behind the scene if there is a problem between them, same for megan and nicki people do not know who is wrong or right and what is the problem, like why even people care, the rap girls…

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I agree and this shit in the female Stan are very unhealthy and some female rapper doesn’t help at all to stop that nonsense unfortunately . it’s not only one Stan but several Stan with the toxicity and they mostly only kids

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