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Doja Cat's Shift to Rap: A Sneak Peek into Her Upcoming Album 'Hellmouth'

Doja Cat Previews Song From Upcoming Rap Album "HellMouth" On  Instagram Live.


In a recent Instagram Live session, Doja Cat gave fans an exclusive preview of a song from her highly anticipated rumored rap album, "Hellmouth" or "First Of All"...whatever she names it. While Doja Cat's rap skills are not new to her fans, there has been an ongoing debate surrounding her musical identity. Many question the push to label her primarily as a rapper when she has gained widespread recognition in the pop genre. So, now we are here, Doja Cat is ending the debate by finally adding a rap project to her resume and this song preview gives us a glimpse of what to expect.

The song starts off fooling you into thinking this is another Pop song from Doja Cat where she insert a rap, and Hip Hop media calls her the new rap queen for it. But, while it does have elements of her normal sounds as she handles double duties of singing the hook and rapping, the RAP is the dominate part of this track. - "Lost a lil weight, but I ain't never lost the tooshie, looking good but now my bald head match my..."

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One noticeable change in Doja Cat's approach, which was also displayed in the 'Kill Bill" remix, is her departure from the signature flow that helped her carve a unique identity when she did rap. The previewed song demonstrates a different style, indicating a deliberate effort to distance herself from the antics that once made her stand out to Pop fans, but may have overshadowed her rap skills to Hip Hop fans. This shift may be seen as a strategic move, as she aims to showcase her versatility and prove herself as a rapper throughout the entirety of her upcoming album, akin to what Jack Harlow did with his rap-focused album 'Jackman.'



This track overall is Ok, but does it garner the hype of predicting her album will be a 5 Mic project...hmmm nope. While I appreciate the switch up, I kinda find it plain jane. I am just questinong why I would revisit this song instead of playing Latto's "Put It On Da Floor" for the 100th time. I will say that it does appear she is doing more topic oriented/ storytelling rap and that alone does get me excited for her project. I have been yelling about we need more girls to give us stories, not just bad bitch vibes.

Let me know what you think about this track.


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She raps like she’s really rapping about something but in reality she ain’t saying shit. 😆


She tryna give Kendrick or Cole and it's giving neither.

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