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Doja Cat Wants To Drop A Rap Album Produced By Jay Versace And 9th Wonder

Doja Cat did one of her "think out loud" IG Lives again, and I actually did not get lost, LOL. She spoke about wanting to do a Pop album that would essentially please her current fanbase and then drop what she wants to do, a Rap Album produced by Jay Versace and 9th Wonder. She thanks Ebro and JID for encouraging her to not just stick with what is working and actually show people she can do this rap shit.

Now, I think it's a great idea if it's on different projects. I actually wanted Nicki to do this because her Pop fans (majority of her fanbase) are so fck'n annoying, and I just don't like Pop Nicki. So, I had suggested Nicki should do a Pop album and then approx. 3-4 months later, drop a rap album. So, if Doja can pull this idea off, I think it will put her on another level.

Also, it's evident from the Live that Doja wants out of the Pop world. She wants to be with the rap girls, and she feels she has something to prove. Oh, and she is over the STAN shit too.

The video is long, but I felt like hearing the full context of what she said allows you to better understand her.


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