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Drake dropped his highly-anticipated first single/music video, Laugh Now Cry Later, feature Lil Durk and I LIKE IT! It is no secret that Drake has become very dull artistically to me. He often relies on the fact that he avoids any real criticism because he's "likable." Which I feel has hurt him musically over the years. However, Laugh Now Cry Later is one of Drake's better songs released in a long time. It's far from a classic, but considering I feel Drake sings too much, I was not rolling my eyes for once in a long time. I think he fits great with Lil Durk.

As for the music video, I enjoyed watching him live out his dream of being a professional athlete. We all know that Drake does too much when it comes to sitting on the sidelines of NBA games, but he does just enough in this video. The shots of Drake crying and the recreation of the famous Muhammad Ali underwater boxing photos are my fave scenes.

* Y'all know Drake likes to recycle songs. There are parts of this song that reminds me of something else I have heard before, but I can't think of it now. When I do I will have to revisit this review


Drake's new album will be called "Certified Lover Boy." Um...that does worry me. It feels like Drake just going full-blown Popstar. We will see.



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