What are y'all thoughts on Drake, allegedly, claiming a girlfriend? I have never known Drake to have a girlfriend. There have only been rumors. I think that is why his messaging young girls made some people skeptical. Also, he creeps out Rihanna...YIKES!

Do you ladies think this is part of an album rollout? You noticed that Future claimed Lori Harvey. I think that relationship may be more business than romance too. Drake could have hired a girlfriend to dead the stories surrounding messaging young girls or because it plays into his repeated theme of being done wrong by women on his next album. Oh sh*t! I think I got it!

Drake's album is going to be his version of "Confessions". His new album will be about how he wronged this lady and how he feels bad. You remember on his Rap Radar interview he spoke about how he lives the "rap life" and how he needs a certain type of woman.

Drake is one of those artists who nibbles off other artists and Usher is making a comeback. Hmmm.....I could be totally off. But it's fun speculating.

On another note, you see that corny ass face Drake makes when he is about to take the photo? I heard in real life he is a goofy and not in a cute way.



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