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Drake Is Dropping Surprise 7th Studio Album "Honestly, Nevermind" At Midnight (Updated)

Updated: 6/16 at 6:47 PM PST

Drake reveals the tracklist with probably hidden features. It's a manageable 14 tracks but WTF is up with these fonts?


Drake is dropping his 7th studio album Honestly, Nevermind


Drake is dropping his 7th studio album, "Honestly, Nevermind," at midnight. Even though this is a surprise drop, I am not shocked he is trying to erase the memory of "Certified Loverboy." Drake does not like to let subpar shit fester for too long and I think doing better than Kendrick is motivation too.

I am ready for Drake to grow up. The Peter Pan is not syndrome not cute. It will be interesting who the features are...any women???

Drake will also premiere his new radio show "Table For One" at 11 PM on Sound 42/SiriusXM.

Drake's New Radio Show "Table For One"


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