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Drake Is Finally Dropping Certified Lover Boy


Drake has finally announced the release date of his much-delayed album Certified Lover Boy. No, you will not find the announcement on his Instagram page. Instead, Drake, who views himself as an athlete, slipped the release date into an ESPN Sportscenter intro. I guess he said if Kanye can use Sha'Carri, I'll use a whole sports channel, LOL.

The album will drop next week on Sept. 3rd. Technically, summer does not officially end until Sept. 22nd, so it will be a summer album if he doesn't change the date.

Can we expect a proper rollout starting today because I feel like Drake has been all over the place just searching for that sound/song that captivates fans like "God's Plan" or "In My Feelings did?"


Are you still excited about Certified Lover Boy?


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