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Drake Kissing Up To Kodak Black

Via Say Cheese


Brand aware king, Drake, was in Kodak Black's IG Live kissing ass. I can't with Drake's pandering. All he does is go around and tell everyone they are his idol or they are next. He's like a robot. It's so fake.


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Jan 11, 2022

Lol one thing drake going to do is DICK RIDE when he see that you have a lil buzz. My goodness. Fraudulent motherfucker. Kodak just earned his 1st? solo top 10 and he’s been number #1 on AM for weeks. These big artists watch and try to ride whoever’s hot at the moment. You better believe they’re refreshing the Apple streaming charts as well. 🤣


God, Drake is so cringey like you’re grown wtf

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