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Drake's Mommy Excited For Certified Lover Boy: "Three More Days My Pookaroo"

Drake post message from mom talking about certified lover boy


Drake posted a message from his mommy as part of his "Certified Lover Boy" rollout. She wrote:

To: Lover Boy

Three days more, we're counting down, for us to hear the best. Everyone's excited 'cause you're nothing like the rest. Three more days, my pookaroo. I couldn't be more proud of you.

Loving Mom

Ok, so mama got some bars. But, is it just me, or is Drake's build-up to CLB lackluster??? First, it was the emoji cover that took a page out of Lil Nas X's book; last night, they were handing out T-shirts with lyrics that look like IG captions, then there are the billboards, and now this.

This shit is boring, and he should be thanking Kanye for adding some excitement for the release of CLB.


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