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Drakeo The Ruler and Asian Doll Call Out Leaked XXL Freshman Class 2021 List


Here we go again...

Someone leaked what is allegedly the final list of XXL's Freshman Class 2021. Even though it's not official and just a leak, people are flipping out as usual over this list.

Two rappers who felt they were snubbed are Drakeo The Ruler and Asian Doll.

Drakeo posted, "So y'all gonna keep playing like I ain't somebody in my city where my name at I don't see nobody from LA on here, but y'all can't act like y'all don't know who TF foreal. I put in way too much work independently for y'all to be tryna play me. I must not have a big enough fanbase."


We know a complaint party ain't a party if Asian Doll is not there. Asian Doll apparently felt she did enough to be included on this list. She tweeted, "It's been fuck XXL. Nobody cares for that shit. It's soooo staged now, it's been staged & the list but full of favoritism. No real talent that's why the freestyles be trash cause they pick the artist based on popularity; that cover not raw at all."

She is not trying to have any friends in the industry. Getting along with your peers is a talent too and some artists lack it. Everyone knows that XXL gets it wrong more times than right, so why even put yourself out there to trash your peers, instead of making a case for yourself?????


What are y'all thoughts?


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