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By now y'all know that Draya decided to be a "pick me" bitch while on a podcast with two brothas. I guess she thought they would like her better if she didn't mind a few bullet holes in her foot. Listen to below:

After receiving tons of backlash, Draya decided to stop trying to be funny, and she apologized to Megan without @ing her. Megan told mofos she was "hurt and traumatized," and Draya still went there. Megan tweeted, "Dumb bitch that sh*t ain't fck'n funny who TF jokes about getting shot by a n*gga?" She then clapped back at the niggas making jokes too with the middle finger emoji. I bet muthafckaz miss the "too friendly" Megan now. Megan is going to address sh*t when she gets ready.

Saucy Santana, who had was also a victim of a shooting, spoke out in support of Megan Thee Stallion.

I guess I have to be a professional debunker. Megan is the hottest chick in the game. Megan is the one with clout. She is not the one begging to be friends with all these people. They are the ones who want to be seen with "The Hot Girl." What clout did Megan get from Kylie, Tory, or Draya???? The clout went the other way. So, people can stop with this she is always trying to be friends with people No, she is a friendly person who has lots of people trying to be friends with her. I know many of you can't relate.


Also, I spoke about the "messy" bloggers in my post about who protects the Black female rappers and their role in protecting the perp over the victim. While we have not heard Tory Lanez make a statement, that does not mean his spin is not getting out to the public. There will be bloggers carrying his water AKA reporting a favorable version of the story to sway the public. It's just like there are always those bloggers who are ready to lie for Ole Girl. We saw DJ Akademiks try to be a character witness for Tory Lanez already. Start to pay attention to what sources these bloggers use. Start holding blogs accountable for spreading false information, including myself.

There is a difference between giving commentary/opinion on a news story vs making up sources to spread a lie.


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