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DreamDoll Dropping EP "Life In Plastic 3: The Finale" Next Friday (Updated)


DreamDoll is making her return with her new EP "Life in Plastic 3: The Finale." Today, Funk Flex previewed her new music on Hot 97, which sounded FIYAH. DreamDoll is what I want to see more in female rap. Someone who takes time to work on their craft, and we can hear the improvement.

Dream also announced she is dropping her single "Fantasy" featuring Kash Doll along with the EP next Friday, Sept. 23rd.

The cover art was created by Marcelo Cantu, the same man behind WAP and Nicki Minaj's recent stuff.


Updated: 9/16 at 9:16 AM PST

Was that Queens Mix a blessing or a curse?

The Twitter streets are talking, and they are saying that Bia is upset that she was removed from Dreamdoll's upcoming single "Fantasy" featuring Kash Doll after Bia tweeted: "Bitch! I got 2 songs in my discovery (I think she meant discography) with Nicki Minaj R U Shittin Meee!! #Barbia Thank U Nicki."

Shouldn't Bia just be happy for Kash Doll and not be so ENTITLED? I thought that was the Queen's preachings.


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And I will be tuned in I like her music and growth lol

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