Dreamdoll Name Drops All The Female Rappers She Would Like To "Tryout" For A Night

Updated: May 27, 2021

"Mulatto, yeah that's my little honey bun. Ask her how many times she came she said 21, 21"


Dreamdoll dropped a teaser for her upcoming project "Life In Plastic 3" that is out on June 11th. The snippet from her lead single, "Tryouts," samples the Blackstreet featuring Foxy Brown classic "Gotta Get You Home." The premise of this song is that "Niggas ain't shit, I might just TRYOUT pussy."

Dreamdoll borrows from Biggie's "Dreams" and 50 Cent "How To Rob" by name dropping all the female celebs she would like to 'tryout." I'm feeling it. I just hate that we have to wait. She needs to drop it now before people overplay the snippet.

Y'all feeling it?


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