Dreamdoll Pays Homage To A Jay-Z and Foxy Brown Classic On New Collection Freestyle

Dreamdoll decided to pay homage to Jay-Z and Foxy Brown by sampling "Aint No Nigga" for her "Collection Freestyle." She even dropped a music video too.

Dream wrote, "You've seen the nightmare, now let me introduce Tabby from the Bronx." I guess she is playing with alter-egos.

Dreamdoll collection freestyle ain't no nigga

I really enjoyed this. The nostalgia factor was too strong with this one. I thought Foxy Brown was the coolest bitch in rap when I heard her on this track. I looped this shit.

Dreamdoll did it justice. No matter what y'all personally think of her, that girl got that flow. This is a NY flow I can support.

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