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OVO Sound artists DVSN teams up with Snoh Aalegra for "Between Us" and announce they are dropping a new album called "A Muse In Her Feelings" on April 17th. "Between Us" will sound familiar to those of us who grew up listening to the real king of R&B, Usher. The song borrows from Usher's smash hit, "Nice & Slow." Usher gave Summer Walker her second-biggest hit, so maybe it will work for DVSN.


Don't be sorry, just be careful, baby Know my heart is fragile Don't say shit that you don't really mean 'Cause that's just hard to handle I loved it most when it was just me and you Then know the truth so we gon' watch how we move But nothin' beats the feelin' that you givin' me Even if it ain't forever, ooh


DVSN is "paying homage" just like their boss, Drake. Y'all like the song?


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