Early Music Chart Predictions Are In - See Which Lady Is Predicted To Come Out On Top?


Early chart predictions are in....!

3rd Place - Migos Feat. Cardi B - "Type Shit" is expected to debut around #70.


2nd Place: Doja Cat - "Need To KNow" expected to debut in the top 55 on Billboard.


1st Place: Megan Thee Stallion - Thos Shit expected to debut within the top 25 on Billboard.

This is all good for female rap. Multiple femcees charting is a win for the culture.


Before people start yelling...this guy did not post Polo G and Nicki's prediction at the time of me making this post. However, when I was looking for other prediction pages to get the info, I notice that people were complaining that Billboard threatened copyright lawsuits against the popular prediction pages. Some are deactivated, while others have announced changes to how they will report.

I wonder if Billboard doesn't like the prediction pages because it stops them from playing with chart positions too much without people being suspicious as to why their charts are so different from the prediction pages.


P.S. - This is the first time I have seen this prediction guy. I do not know how good he is at predicting, so if you are seeing different number...OK.


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